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Helping small businesses and government agencies succeed with innovative solutions and strategic action.
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Financial Consulting and Business Management

Whether you’re building a growing business or running a local, state, or federal agency, you want plans that bring results. Partner with Change in Motion to make it happen.


Financial Consulting

Streamline your processes and create clear financial goals.

Business Management

Assess your systems and develop strong operational standards.


Utilize support to keep your organization running efficiently and profitably.

Strategic Planning

Create a blueprint that will lead to winning results.

A partnership with the Change In Motion Team has led me to increased access to credit instruments, new avenues to market business services to acquire additional revenue, and expanded my company network of resources & relationships.

– Andrew Blue, Owner of Kabeltauw LLC

Our Mission

Change in Motion LLC is committed to creating an ecosystem of financial and business success through innovative strategies and action.

Our diverse team of experienced consultants is ready to get to work for you. From creating a workable budget to taking administration off your plate, to developing and executing your visionary programs, we want to see you move forward by leaps and bounds!

What will it take to put your future in motion?



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